Monday, May 18

From The Weekend

It was a busy weekend full of time hanging with the family.  It's been a while since we've all been together to enjoy each others company but on Sunday we finally did. There were three birthday's to celebrate and Mother's Day. It was so good to just have that face to face contact with one another that we haven't had for months.  Everyone had a lovely time and we said that next time won't be so long in between catching up.

Time spent with family is worth every second.

Wednesday, May 13


It happened a few months ago I went across the road to my neighbours and offered them Miss 11's play kitchen.  We had spoken to them both before but more so to the husband than to the wife.  Since that day we have been slowly chatting more and visiting each other for cups of tea.  It really is lovely having a neighbour that you have something in common with and who is nice to chat with.  Our neighbour loves her chickens and has an incubator of her own.  Recently she brought home two new little chicks which she hatched at her daughter's daycare centre.  Last week Miss 11 and I went over for a visit and got to hold the sweet little chicks.  They were sooo cute and what's even cuter is 
Miss 11 got to name them.  They are called Ivy and Ellory.  Do you have neighbours that you enjoy visiting and having a chat too?

Tuesday, May 12

Mother's Day - Ten on the Tenth

Mother's Day this year was just my hubby and the girls.  I had told them I really wanted to go for a drive to Toowoomba with them and have a picnic lunch, nothing flash just something simple, all of us together. We took our time in the morning not rushing about and made the long drive and it was worth it.  We found our own little picnic spot and took in the view while having lunch.  There was a bit of exploring done, looking for some Autumn and we were not disappointed.  I would have to say my day was just beautiful, being with my loving family and being loved by them, perfect.
How was your Sunday?  I hope you had a beautiful one.

Saturday, May 2

A month of April

April 12th - From above
April 13th - Classic
April 14th - My drink of choice
April 15th - A piece of jewellery 
April 16th - Local
April 17th - I found this
April 18th - Emotion
April 19th - Fresh
April 20th - The weather today
April 21st - A product I love
April 22nd - My perspective
April 23rd - Technology
April 24th - Delicate
April 25th - Me (taken by Miss 11)
April 26th - Even
April 27th - Alive
April 28th - Movement
April 29th - Arrow
 April 30th - Starts with T (time)

Well hello there strangers.  How have you been?  Have you had a good month?  I can't quite believe that today is the 2nd of May, life moves very quickly. Every day for the month of April I participated in the Bethadilly Challenge, some days were a challenge but mostly I got out what I had hoped and that was to get my mojo for photo taking back.  I have really enjoyed the process, the prompts that are given are helpful especially if a day at home hasn't been all that exciting. I haven't decided whether to participate again this month, I have enjoyed myself and I think that my photos have improved too which makes me happy.  I think that the only reason I might not continue is because although daily photos are great some other things get lost like the days I might bake and want to share a recipe or when we go out for a Sunday drive....  To be honest I have missed those posts and how regular I used to post and how often others used to post too, blogging isn't the same as it used to be.   Instagram is a great way of connecting with others but it's not quite the same as blogging... Well I think tomorrow I will be sitting down and making some lists (I love list making) to try and get my blogging back in order and a good start would be my inbox which has too many emails in there argh.
I hope your Sunday is a beautiful one.  Thank you for stopping by.