Thursday, April 17


So today the girls and I managed to achieve one thing on the holiday list of things to do, visit the museum and art gallery ✓
It was a beautiful day in the city for a visit so much so that I think everyone else had the same idea because it was very, very busy.  We met my friend and her three daughters and wandered around together stopping for lunch and an afternoon tea treat of an ice cream.  There was just a little bit of chatting in between the play and supervision of the girls so I think we'll have to organise a catch up for just the two of us for another day. 
Here is a snapshot of our day together.
May your Friday be a happy one tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 15


Wasn't the moon beautiful tonight? I am always in awe of nature.  Here is my little version, I don't quite have the lens power to take a nice close photo.  I included the second photo because if you look closely to the right of the moon it looks like you can see another planet...

Sunday, April 13

103/365 'Sunday Stills'

 Their was some time spent at my Mum's today she's doing some renovating and needed some man power, which means hubby and my brother's help were required.
Miss 10's interest in rainbow looming continues.
This is my mother's dog Buster.  He's growing old, seemingly older since my Dad's passing sadly.
A little wander in the garden through the sprinkles of rain.  There was a walk planned to the creek but the weather wasn't on our side today although I'm enjoying curling up today with a tea and a cardigan on.

How has your weekend been?
Joining Em today.

Saturday, April 12


 We went for a wander today, just the two of us, and my trusty camera companion.
He suggested Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens, he knows me well.  It was peaceful, calming, nice to be surrounded by beautiful plants and the odd bit of wildlife. We've been before but each time with a new perspective, today I enjoyed some us time, seeing new plants all the while thinking of how much my Dad enjoyed doing just the same. Doing things like walking through gardens makes me smile and feel a sense of closeness to him through our mutual interests, I like that a lot, always a piece of him with me.