Saturday, March 28

Date Day

Today my hubby and I got some time to chill out together.  There was some lunching done here, and then a nice wander around the Roma Street Parklands which made this happy snapper very happy indeed.  We then decided to go for wander into the city for a visit to the Museum of Brisbane and took a tour up to the clock tower, looking over the city from the top of city hall was a fun experience. Today was a good day.

Don't forget my little giveaway in the previous post.

Wednesday, March 25


I can't quite believe it has been so long since I've posted once again. Life is not particularly busy or exciting I've just lost my groove to take photos but that's going to change.  I sat down and wrote myself a schedule and each day photo taking as well as photography education is on the list. I'm going to make this photography business happen this year....So that's a little peek into my last couple of days, random things that captured my attention.

And since it's been a while I thought it would be nice to have a little giveaway.
So the giveaway is open to my lovely blog followers only and for Australian followers only.
I will keep the giveaway open till Monday the 30th of March.
Good luck lovely people.

Saturday, March 7


Hello there....I am so sorry it's been so long since my last post.  I had planned on having lots of beautiful photos of flowers to show you after a visit to Roma Street Parklands but when the cyclone came to Queensland the weather turned miserable.  Since then I haven't really been out and about taking many photos but I am doing my best to pick up the camera again.  This week we celebrated our dog Molly's fifth birthday.  Miss 11 was keen to buy something of her and have a present opening so we bought her a new toy and coat for Winter.
Today we went out to do a little shopping and decided to get lunch and eat by the river. It was the most glorious day to be outside, I am so glad we made the effort.
How have you been?  Are you enjoying some warm weather still like we are or has it cooled down now Autumn has arrived?
Take care.

Saturday, February 14

Exploring in the city

Happy Valentine's Day did you have a good day? Did you celebrate? I got a beautiful bunch of flowers from my sweet hubby yesterday.  We aren't the kind to celebrate in a big way but still like to give a little something to each other.  No romantic dinner for us, the four of us sat in the city watching the sun set while eating dinner together tonight, a perfect Valentine's day in my books.
Today Miss 11 and I went for another photography walk, this time into the city and then the botanical gardens.  The weather was beautiful, sunny and not too hot, perfect summer weather.  I could grow to love summer if our days were all like these. We happened upon a side street in the city with the most gorgeous yarn bombing we couldn't resist taking photos of.  Then we made our way to the gardens taking photos whatever captured our attention.  It's lovely to have my little one take an interest in photography, to have someone to take photos with, maybe the two of us could do weddings together someday....
Have a fantastic Sunday.