Saturday, April 11

Catching Up

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 And a photo of Molly just because
Hello how has your week been? We've had a pretty quiet week really one day we didn't even leave the house, gee I love those days I probably could use a few more but not sure my two would agree. There has been a bit of baking done, a tiny bit of craft I really need to do more, a trip to the city and a day at the shops for my teen to have lunch with her friend. I have been good and still following the prompts from The Bethadilly Challenge - April Prompts.  Some days are a little trickier than others but I'm loving the challenge and the fact I am picking up my camera each day.  There hasn't really been much else happening here, just life and the usual family things some fun and some not as fun ahh the joys of family..... Tomorrow though hubby, the girls and I are going to have a family photo shoot which should be fun.  I have to say I am super nervous it has been years since we've had a family photo done of just the four of us but it really is important to me to have these memories, before I know it Miss 15 will be finished school and have her own life.... Anyway I hope all is going well in your world, that you have had an enjoyable Saturday and that Sunday is sensational too. 

Monday, April 6

Our Easter

 It was a quiet Easter this year, just a small gathering.  
The girls got far too many Easter eggs and we got far too much chocolate.  I do like chocolate though.
Today it was time to be with friends, to connect with those who are their to support and care for us.
A drive through the country, up to Maleny to the Maleny Botanical Gardens, thank you Kathy for the fantastic idea.  We then finished the day beside the sea.  It really was the perfect way to celebrate Easter, I feel content, grateful and blessed. Thank you Sally and Brett for making Easter Monday a great day for us.
I hope your Easter was filled with chocolate, family and special memories.

Thursday, April 2

This week and a winner

Hello, how has your week been? Mine has been pretty good, it was the last week of term this week so we are all in holiday mode here now which is a nice feeling. I have been trying to pick up the camera everyday so I thought taking up a photography challenge would encourage me a little more.  I came across Beth's blog via Click it up a Notch and really like her enthusiasm for photography and I also liked her monthly photography prompts which is just what I need to get back into blogging more regularly.  So yesterday I took myself out before the school pick up and did a little photography walk,  I was so glad I did.  

And I am so sorry it has taken me till today to announce the blog giveaway winner.  Thank you to all you, the lovely ladies who took the time to comment and enter.  The winner of the giveaway was Bron!! Congratulations Bron.

Enjoy your long weekend.  Have a wonderful Easter everyone.

Saturday, March 28

Date Day

Today my hubby and I got some time to chill out together.  There was some lunching done here, and then a nice wander around the Roma Street Parklands which made this happy snapper very happy indeed.  We then decided to go for wander into the city for a visit to the Museum of Brisbane and took a tour up to the clock tower, looking over the city from the top of city hall was a fun experience. Today was a good day.

Don't forget my little giveaway in the previous post.