Monday, September 1


Hello... I firstly want to say a big thank you to each of you for your kind words of support on my last post, for being there and for being my cheering squad you really know how to make someone feel supported and encouraged.  I feel very grateful to have you stop by and lift my spirits.

My week in photos....
Miss 10 sang in her school choir, happy and proud.
There were dull, grey, rainy days.
Some crochet for my little niece, still in progress.
Cups of peppermint tea to settle the blah feeling in my tummy.
New magazines to sit and peruse.
Special cakes made for a special big daughter.
Family fun to celebrate Miss 15.

Happy 15th birthday today to my first born.
Enjoy being 15 may it bring you all that you strive and wish for and much happiness.
Love Mum.

Have a terrific Tuesday my friends.

Saturday, August 23

234/365 'A Mini Photo Session'

I really want to take my photography to the next level.
I really want to work through the nerves and self doubt.
I really want some day for people to visit my website and enjoy my photography.
So today I put on my new lens and followed my little one around.
She was a gem and did her thing while I did mine.
I practised different angles capturing everyday moments, they are the ones I enjoy seeing most.
I will keep on practising, I know that is the only way I will get better and gain confidence.
Thank you again little one for being my model.

233/365 'Lovely Links'

It has been super cold and miserable here today.  I'm not complaining though, it's been the perfect day to stay huddled up inside, do some internet exploring, crocheting, making some yummy choc chip pikelets using this recipe (just adding a couple of tablespoons of choc chips) and watching the odd children's movie or two or three.  So what lovely links have I for you today......
If you love to try new foods like me I found this new to me website full of delicious raw recipes. On my list to try is this, this, this and this. And still continuing with the raw food theme I wouldn't mind trying this cauliflower rice recipe. And yet another gorgeous food related website I happened across is this one by Masha Zaric. She blogs from Canberra and is also a very talented photographer.  I first discovered her work through Oscar and Lucinda. So I sat there scrolling through her blog and admiring her work and found this fantastic post that I think explains aperture beautifully.  She also holds workshops for those who live in the Canberra area, it's a shame I'm not a little closer...
Since I've just recently finished one big crochet project I thought it might be best not to embark on another so soon.  I have two other projects that need my attention most importantly a quilt for Miss 10. So what to make when one wants to crochet but doesn't want a big commitment, a dishcloth. I searched and found this simple crochet pattern
For those who might want to give it a try but haven't yet mastered the stitches here are some links for you.
Here is a link to teach you how to single crochet or double crochet if you are using UK terms.
And I found this one and this link to teach the technique of crocheting in the front and back loop.

I hope you have been enjoying your Saturday.

Friday, August 22

232/365 'Book Week'

This year my little poppet decided to make things easy for her Mum and chose a costume we had on hand.  She decided to dress up as Milly Molly Mandy's Mum using the clothes she had used earlier this year for an excursion and a Grandma made crochet poncho.  Thank you my sweet, next year this Mum will make more of an effort I promise.