Sunday, August 30

From last weekend

On Sunday we got up, packed some homemade treats and made the drive west to visit my Mum and Nan.  It's been too long in between visits, life seems to be busy and when the days are free I like to potter around home.  I still miss my Dad terribly when I go to visit my Mum but I don't let on, I am so very grateful to have my Mum and my Nan to visit and so it is important to make that my focus but it is hard.  When I do visit I always enjoy being in the family, surrounded by memories, open space and the free feeling of being close to nature.  Here are a few photos from our day.  I hope you have had the most wonderful weekend.  I'll be back tomorrow with photos of our Sunday. 

Monday, August 17

A weekend away

 As a special way to celebrate our birthdays this year my hubby and I decided to treat ourselves to a weekend away.  It wasn't just any weekend away, it was a weekend away to a health retreat for a wellness weekend at Gwinganna.  There was delicious, organic food prepared for us; a room with a view for us to enjoy and retreat to; specialists we could see for different types tests or blissful treatments like a massage; magnificent views while watching the sunrise and plenty of opportunity to get some exercise albeit feeling rather sore now.  It really was a special weekend just for the two of us, not something we do very often making it all the more greatly appreciated.  So what did I take away from my weekend other than being a lot sore hehe, that exercise is so very important for long term good health, I must include more of it in my life.  I need to make an effort to really take the time to enjoy my meal, to taste it. And to remember to be in the moment, to allow more joy into my life and step out of my comfort zone because there is a wonderful world out there to experience.

Thursday, August 6

Catching up.

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to come by this space again, life has been busy but good.
Here is what I've been up to lately.
Some very cold morning weather, not so fun for the girls to go to school in.
A treat of flowers I bought just for me.
There was a milestone birthday celebrated.
A special dinner for Miss 15 that called for some special makeup to be done.
Gorgeous blue skies perfect for getting washing dried.
A potted Ranunculus I picked up at my local supermarket that I couldn't resist buying.

There was some crocheting done for a good cause.
My usual baking day.
My favourite lunch of hot tea in my birthday cup and some sour dough slathered in butter, yummmo.

How have you been?  I hope all is well with you.

Saturday, July 11


 Today was a beautiful day.
Today I was able to meet a wonderful lady called Bron who I met through blogging some time ago now. 
Today we chatted over hot chocolate about life and our families like we were old friends.
Thank you for today Bron I had such a beautiful time meeting you.
Thank you for catching up with me, taking the time out of your holiday and for your lovely family making it possible.
Enjoy your holiday, may you create lots of wonderful memories.